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NYX Professional Makeup
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Our 7th Annual FACE Awards is just around the corner 💋 Tag a talented artist who NEEDS to enter!! 🏆 Entries open on April 2nd! Stay tuned for more info 💄✨ || #nyxprofessionalmakeup #nyxcosmetics
NYX Professional Makeup
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Introducing this week’s #MUACM @rocioceja_ 💘 We can’t get enough of her intricate and colorful eye looks featuring our Ultimate Shadow Palette in ‘Brights’ 🌈 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
NYX Professional Makeup
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Love this pic of our Honey Dew Me Up Primer snapped by @thattopknot 🐝✨ This primer helps to neutralize the appearance of redness and discoloration, while giving your skin a luminous glow 😍 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
NYX Professional Makeup
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@carobouvette snaps a photo of our Angel Veil - Skin Perfecting Primer 👼💘 This super silky, light and fresh formula will leave your skin feeling like it’s been touched by an angel ✨ || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
Luna Maya
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Ini rahasia aku agar berat badan selalu ideal, awet muda dan tetap fit. Minum grefie dari @OFFICIAL.GREFIE. Banyak produk pelangsing beredar, tapi hanya grefie yang aku rasakan ampuh sekali membakar lemak dengan cepat dan menjaga tubuh tetap prima. Karena aku juga rajin olahraga, keringat saat olahraga juga lebih banyak keluar sejak minum grefie. Badan jadi semakin ringan dan tidak membuat lemas. Super Love dehh buat @OFFICIAL.GREFIE. . Kalau lagi cari produk aman, ampuh dan tidak abal-abal, aku rekomen banget produk grefie. 100% herbal dan tidak ada efek samping. Ampuh nurunin berat badan hingga 15 kg sebulan loh. Testimoninya juga sudah ribuan. Langsung follow aja IG nya ya @OFFICIAL.GREFIE
Luna Maya
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Ice cream time 🍦
NYX Professional Makeup
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A red lip is always in style 💋💄 @jca.bzna wears our Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in ‘Kitten Heels’ 😻 Also wearing our 3 Steps to Sculpt Palette in ‘Fair/Medium’! || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
NYX Professional Makeup
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It’s #SwatchSunday! ✨ @beautymarked23 swatched our Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette in ‘Electric’ 🤩 This palette features three finishes of four gorgeous colors so that you can mix and match finishes to your heart’s desire! 😍 Available in three additional colorways! 🎨 Tap to shop! || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
NYX Professional Makeup
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Gettin’ festive around here 🍀@glamber.beauty wears our Ultimate Shadow Palette in ‘Brights,’ Prismatic Shadow in ‘Bewitched,’ Vivid Brights Liner in ‘Vivid Escape,’ and our Glitter Primer! 🍀 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
NYX Professional Makeup
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This look is gold 🤩💚 @gorejessfx used our Pigments in ‘Go H.A.M’ (a yellow gold shade), our Vivid Brights Liner in ‘Vivid Envy,’ and our White Liquid Liner! || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
NYX Professional Makeup
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀 Today would be a great day for a trip to a NYX Professional Makeup store! 😏 Find your nearest location here: stores.nyxcosmetics.com 🙌 Or visit our website: nyxcosmetics.com || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
Luna Maya
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Beautiful view 💟 thank you @davidaudy 📸 dress From @rentluxstudio 💃🏻
Luna Maya
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With the beautiful bride @nilisangani 💜
Luna Maya
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Happy wedding @sumeetj and @nilisangani 💜
NYX Professional Makeup
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@alexmarieartistry uses our White Liquid Liner and Vivid Brights Liner in 'Vivid Sapphire' in this amazing cut crease look! 👌 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
NYX Professional Makeup
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@bringyourlipstick snaps a shot of our 🔥 NEW Micro-Contour Duo Pencil, a pro essential and a perfect accessory for your Total Control Drop Foundation! ☝️ This sleek, dual-ended pencil lets you contour effortlessly with its precise tip! ✏️ Available in four pairs in NYX Professional Makeup Stores and online. || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
Luna Maya
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Dreamy 🌫 Thank you 📷@zaki_muhammad_ 💄 @victoria_makeupatelier @rurypadwa 👚 @lunahabit 📸 @yessica.riany 💜
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Rest In Peace Sir💟 #stevenhawking
Luna Maya
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Hay! Setelah 1,5 bulan ga sempet treatment karena lagi padet sama kegiatan, yasss! akhirnya kemarin treatment lagi bareng @airinbeautycare Kemarin aku coba 2 treatment sekaligus karena rekomendasi dokternya bilang biar kulit aku lebih cerah, ngecilin pori-pori dan glowing. Nah aku coba Black Laser , karena laser dicombine dgn Carbon hasilnya jadi lebih baguuss fungsinya buat ngecilin pori-pori, mencerahkan kulit, Skinrejuve (peremajaan kulit) , memudarkan flek/ bekas jerawat, merangsang kolagen kulit, menghaluskan kulit. Setelah treatment emang kerasa kulit lebih shiny dan flawless. Selama treatment nyaman banget, karena lasernya ga sakit sama sekali ❤ Very very higly recomend thankyou @airinbeautycare @airinshopclinic
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Set laifff 🎥 #Sabrina #lunamaya #LMday2day
Luna Maya
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Another #latepost✌

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I may not be able to be @bafta this evening... but from across the pond I am proudly wearing black in support of my sisters and my brothers who are helping to end abuse and impunity @RosaForWomen. Please click on the link in bio and donate with your heart. 💪🏻❤️ #timesup #endvaw #justice #equality #baftas2018

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Dear New York, I am about to leave this very special human bean in your fair city, please take care of her for me as I’m coming back to get her..and the rest of that champagne we left to boot! ❤️🎯 🥂 #rosesblooming #greatestlovesofmylifeseemtohavegirlybits #nycnights

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We are watching a show to send one year olds to sleep. I (the adult) was asleep before it ended... safe to say I am little spoon. 😴 This young man is the most exquisite human to have ever been made by the most excellently exquisite of parents (who are also there to keep you awake when taking care of their baby) 🤭 #godmothergushingwillneverbedone💪🏻 #godsonlove #❤️ #fillingupmylovequotafortheweek #howevershowsforbabysaretrippyashell 😳

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That moment when you find your gold leaf baby (dragon)eggs..... at Kensington palace. #thankgoodnesstheloorollisntgoldleaf #andapparentlytheirthronehasanalarm 😳

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BUSTED.... hunting for gelato 🍧 through the mean streets of Roma, suddenly my security doesn’t look so scary after all...😂 #illbeback #watchthemrollmebacktolondontown #sugarmakesthatflightgofast

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🥁......And not forgetting the dreamboats who took me from British Londoner to Italian Mamma for the weekend.... the LEGENDS that are @sammcknight1 @gucciwestman really making miracles happen! 🏆🎉💪🏻🔥 #redlipsandredhothair #grazieatutti #ifonlyicouldmanagethislookeveryday😎

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In case you’re wondering....This is what COMPLETE JOY LOOKS LIKE.🙌 If there was sound you’d hear my heart singing. Roma you are my one and only.... it pains me to say arrivederci 😢 #fulluponitaliangoodness #winemesomepastaroundmyheartwhydontyou #❤️ @dgbeauty making all this possible🏆🙌💪🏻👌

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OH BROTHER!!! 😍 Get an eye full of these babes, the last few Roman days have been fantastico thanks to these beautiful @morellibrothers and @dgbeauty... now the work is almost done we can celebrate that rugby 🏉 win.... 💪🏻❤️🔥 #wheninrome #behavelikeatourist...🤦‍♀️